Taco Bell, Granite City (St Louis MSA)
Price: $2,475,600

Cap Rate: 5.00%
Taco Bell, Kansas City (Prospect Ave)
Price: $3,050,000

Cap Rate: 5.05%
Taco Bell, Festus MO (St Louis MSA)
Price: $4,040,000

Cap Rate: 5.10%
7-11, Santa Rosa, California
7-11, Sunrise Florida
Advance Auto, Denver, Colorado
Price: $1,800,000

Cap Rate: 6.15%
Advance Auto, Sterling, Illinois
Price: $1,200,000

Cap Rate: 9.51%
Advance Auto, Verona, Wisconsin
Price: $1,910,000

Cap Rate: 6.24%
Applebees, Mansfield, Ohio
Price: $3,500,000

Cap Rate: 7.75%
Applebees, Warsaw, Indiana
Price: $2,875,000

Cap Rate: 6.82%
AT Home - Longmont, CO

Cap Rate: 7.25%
Best Buy - Sanford, FL

Cap Rate: 8.37%
Best Buy, Tacoma, Washington
Price: $6,056,000

Cap Rate: 6.85%
Burlington, N. RIchland Hills, Texas
Price: $11,940,000

cap Rate: 7.0%
CVS, Washington, Ohio

Cap Rate: 5.5%
CVS - Houston, TX

Cap Rate: 5.00%
Graeter's, Columbus Ohio

Cap Rate: 5.83%
Rite Aid, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Price: $5,650,000

Cap Rate: 7.73%
Rite Aid, Chester, Virginia
Price: $4,000,000

Cap Rate: 7.84%
Taco Bell - Antioch, CA

Cap Rate: 4.5%
Taco Bell - Fremont, CA

Cap Rate: 3.75%
Taco Bell, Kansas City, MO

Cap Rate: 5.35%
Taco Bell - Lee's Summit, MO

Cap Rate: 5.40%
Taco Bell – Pittsburg, CA

Cap Rate: 4.60%
Taco Bell - N. Durango Blvd., Las Vegas, NV

Cap Rate: 4.85%
Taco Bell - Nellis Blvd., Las Vegas, NV

Cap Rate: 5.0%
Taco Bell - E. Craig Road, Las Vegas, NV

Cap Rate: 5.0%
Taco Bell - Russell Rd., Las Vegas, NV

Cap Rate: 4.65%
Walgreens, Biddeford, Maine
Price: $2,332,889

Cap Rate: 10.54%
Walgreens - Lee's Summit, MO

Cap Rate: 5.75%
Walgreens, Westover, New York
Price: $6,295,000

Cap Rate: 6.5%
Walmart - Cranberry, PA
Price: $14,146,341

Cap: 6.15%

In the continuously changing real estate investment market, First Street Brokerage closely monitors many factors including bond market shifts, tenant credit ratings, and retail market trends that affect the value of net-leased investments.  The cohesive mix of seasoned real estate veterans and aggressive, young professionals provides clients with the knowledge, experience and dedication it takes to be successful.


First Street, Inc. is a full-service commercial real estate investment services company that strives to provide exemplary service to our clients. Whether it is buying, selling or leasing a particular asset or a multi-property portfolio, we are here to help control and guide you through the process to completion.

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